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Criocampo Software is a developers' team of free software, that develop programs and libraries principally in C, C++ and Java language. We invite to all programmers that wish participate of our projects to contact us for be part of this team. Send us a email to: criocampo@yahoo.com.ar

The documentation and all information that is maked about to ours project: website, wikis, etc. is treated of maintain in various languages, at present is available in English and Spanish. We encourage people who manage some of these languages or others, to collaborate with its translation.

The Criocampo logo represents a mythological creature of Mesopotamia, that is formed by a fish body and a ram head. We chose this figure because it entails the idea that, in programation, anything can be joined to another thing to obtain a good result.

MATE's Libraries

It's a mathematic libraries set developed on C language, multiplataform and free distibution. Include functions of advanced mathematic for: calculus of definite integrals, numeric progressions and series, and probabilities.

You can download the documentation, binary and source files in: download site of the MATE's libraries.

JCPP's Libraries

It's a librarys set of generals purposes programed in C++ language, multiplatform and of free distribution, that implement Java's class for C++ developers, him permit have a best performance in the programs that is using these libraries. It have class for: definite types, exceptions handling, data structures, database access and utilities.

Website of Jcpp in english: jcpp.sourceforge.net/en

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